Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pittsburgh Track Authority - Now's Tomorrow EP 12inch

Diapason: HSOC-05
Artist: Pittsburgh Track Authority
Title: Now's Tomorrow EP
A1. Now's Tomorrow (09:47)
B1. Feel Good (05:22)
B2. Exclamation (06:08)

Format: 33rpm 12inch
Pressing: 550 copies hand-numbered in multi-color, hand-painted disco jacket

3-song 12inch EP showing off the diverse styles of the dance music production crew Pittsburgh Track Authority with deep house, a disco edit, and abstract techno. Preslav Lefterov, Thomas Cox, and Adam Ratana had been making names for themselves creating, engineering & DJing music for years on their own, but just over 2 years ago, the trio got together to begin the Pittsburgh Track Authority project. They have since released 9 EPs, 2 CDs, and a number of compilation tracks on many highly respected labels (Further, Uzuri, Work Them, Argot, Rotating Souls, Got2Go, Love What You Feel, Pittsburgh Tracks…), and toured the US & Europe. They put their considerable knowledge of & passion for music of every genre to work, banging out anthems in deep house, techno, 2-step, electro, disco, dub, hip hop, R&B…

Sound Samples:

Official Release Date: 7/20/2013
Available in fine record stores worldwide
Distribution: Crosstalk International