Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smooth Tutors 7inch EP Available Now In Limited Pre-Release Edition

Diapason: HSOC-02
Artist: Smooth Tutors
Title: S/T 2-Song EP
Format: 7inch

The 7inch features 2 tracks hovering around 4.5 minutes each with cracking snares, warm deep bass lines, sharp & memorable guitar lines, & spiritual keyboard grooves.

Still making some decisions on the final production cover, but went ahead and assembled some in a very limited quantity in 2 Down-Early-Mother-Fucker edition covers. They should available in some choice shops soon, as well as

These MP3s are for preview purposes only. They are 192kbps 1 minute clips of much longer songs. The intent of this label is to promote and advance vinyl records. You cannot experience the true power of the music through these truncated bits of ether. The songs were precisely produced & mixed by the Smooth Tutors and Jason Kirker at Machine Age Studios in Pittsburgh PA, and then expertly mastered directly to metal stampers and pressed to clean, thick vinyl for loud hi-fi stereo playback. The record is fitted with fully-designed labels and lovingly packaged in full-color, hand-cut, hand-assembled, envelope covers. If you are intrigued by these samples, please purchase the full, physical release, available soon at many fine & respected dealers of actual music.

Side A

Side B